New Zealand Squash Hall of Fame
About us

The New Zealand Squash Hall of Fame (NZSHoF) was established in 2009 to recognise and honour the outstanding performance of players and achievements of coaches, other personalities and administrators within New Zealand Squash.

Another aim of the NZSHoF is to preserve and record the history and heritage of New Zealand Squash. Objectives of the NZSHoF include...

  • Compiling a roll of Honoured Members.
  • Recording the history of New Zealand Squash.
  • Organising Inductee Ceremonies and other NZSHoF Functions.
  • Maintaining a dedicated website and investigating a physical location for the NZSHoF.

A Managing Board oversees these above functions of the NZSHoF. While a separate Selection Panel made up NZ Squash personalities, sports media and honoured members armed with a criteria select each years inductees. The selection criteria and eligibility is flexible but the following fundamentals apply;

Hall of Fame membership to be accorded to the "elite and genuine greats of the sport", who have been outstanding achievers and who have made a significant impact on the sport.
  • Players and non players (ie; personalities) are eligible.
  • A player must be retired from Open competitive play for a minimum period of five years.
  • Living and deceased personnel are eligible.
  • Masters and Junior players are eligible, but only at the Board's discretion.

Management Board

Stephen Cunningham  (Chairman)
Grant Smith
Doug Lawrie
Tony Johnston            Linda Kenny                Hugh Leabourn          Jim O'Grady (SNZ)

2011 Selection Panel

Joseph Romanos (Convenor)
Aileen Buscke
Bryden Clarke
Mike Sumpter
Stu Davenport
Butch Gifford
Don Green
Joanne Williams
Bill Murphy

2013/14 Selection Panel

Joseph Romanos (Convenor)
Neven Barbour
Don Cotter    (Chairman)
Michael Sumpter
Susie Simcock
Ross Norman
Pam Davis
Doug Lawrie
Grant Smith
Bill Murphy
Stu Davenport

2010 Selection Panel

About us

(Left to right;) Joseph Romanos, Don Green, Butch Gifford, Joanne Williams, Aileen Buscke, Stu Davenport, Don Cotter (NZSHoF Chairman), Bryden Clarke, Mike Sumpter and Bill Murphy.

2009 Selection Panel

About us
Standing (left to right): Bill Murphy, Michael Sumpter, Joanne Williams, Butch Gifford, Joseph Romanos, Susie Simcock, Neven Barbour Seated (left to right): Barry Gardiner, Don Cotter, Bryden Clarke